Seoul; Casual, Oversized, Genderless

The Korean Capital Defining Street Style

Words by Billy George, Photos by Alex Finch, Adam Katz Sinding, Hypebeast Korea

Honestly, the perfect way to describe Seoul's fashion week that just passed for Spring Summer 2018 is 'Eclectic meets Luxury'. There's always something that drives my eye towards the Korean capital every season come fashion week. It's intriguing  and forward thinking. It's bold yet cautious. This year? Nope. Caution was thrown to the wind!

Dongdaemun Design Plaza was taken over for all the show's festivities all week long. The courtyard's makeshifts runway featured some outlandish street look that I'm not even sure what to say anymore? Is this even real? The high-fashion-focused outfits were put to photographers, and boy did they get a some great captures. What Seoul has shown us primarily, is that genderless fashion is continuing to blend into street style quite seamlessly. The transition is much more fluid in Korea - the city's fashion sense is phenomenal for that forward-thinking take on it all.

It's unique trends have seen the likes of Balenciaga, band tees and loose layers on exhibition for all to gawk at. The 'it' pieces, or as I like to say 'the statement pieces', were all brought out on display. Seoul went out with a bang - all attendees stayed common and consistent to their outfit and looks. The almost lack of colour really showed with a lot of show-goers draped in black - it's something that I'm doing a lot more lately. Black. And Seoul is really showing that this is a trend to prepare yourself for! Let's see what Tokyo has to offer very soon for their fashion week as the two countries battle off for the war of street style trends. 

Anyways, enough of my dribble. Peep my favourite shots and outfits above from a mix of my favourite photographers.