Fashion @ Coachella

Drawing the fashionable crowd at Coachella

Words by Billy George

Every year, Palm Springs California is filled with some otherworldly vibes. Music to feed and heal the soul. Every year, I tell myself I would go, and then it doesn't happen. Don't worry, I'm hopeful that I'll get there one year but not this one. But Coachella isn't all about the music. It's a bit about and bit about the camaraderie. Getting to hang out with the people you most care about while listening to some of the greatest artists around today. 

But you're not here to read about what I believe Coachella is about. You're here for the clothes, the fashion and the bloggers. Each year, a treasure trove of some of the most talented bloggers get down to the festival to give us, avid watchers from afar, a look into the life around the music. I've put together a slide show of some of those that I keep up with and the very examples I'm talking about. Go on. Have a peak!