Tokyo SS18

Tokyo Gone Wild; It's almost a scene out of Soviet Russia

Words by Billy George, Photos via Hypebeast JP, Vogue

Pimpin' aint easy, unless it comes out of Tokyo. Then it's simple. My love for Tokyo is infinite, I've gone many times all quite recently and honestly, you cannot begin to understand why it's so magical until you get there. Everyone has their own unique flair and it's almost like you're motivated to be unique. It comes with the package. It's not so judgemental 'cause everyone is basking in their own brilliance. It's celebrated!

For this exact reason, Tokyo Fashion Week is one my favourites to look out for and keep on-top of! Their fashion-forward culture is what brings endless pleasure and inspiration for what gets me racing. This SS18 season saw endless rain pour from the typhoon that hit Japan's capital, yet that didn't stop the fanfare. Tokyo's street style always takes the cake yet this year it's something else. The mix of vintage with a modern flair has given it another unique twist that showcases the brilliance of the natives - it's almost like a scene out of 80's Russia - well at least that's what it feels like to me. 

Vintage pieces from the ample stores about the city was accentuated with modern edge from Balenciaga's highly sought after Triple S sneakers or Comme des Garcons. We saw a melting pot of subcultures - punk, dolly, greaser, 80s glam all ranging from a variety of eras gone by. Leather and statement pieces the key, yet emblazed with bold patterns and studs. Truly amazing. 

Have a flip through some of my favourite looks above for a good idea of what Tokyo is like during fashion week.