Bring on the Best of the Brits

#LFWM; Gents, do your thing!

Words by Billy George
Photo by Cris Fragkou, David Nyanzi, 
Acielle, Sandra Magdalena, Adam Katz Sinding, Phil Oh

Ahh. London. What could I say? A city of mystique and change. I'm constantly fascinated by how much fashion actually alters, season by season in London. The streets are jam packed with the most stylish people you could ever see, with a variety you'll never see elsewhere. 

See, London is the first cab off the rank for fashion month. Starting with Men's, it really is the first splash that the crowd makes to really kick off things and really set the ball rolling on what to really look forward to on the streets for the rest of the month, and even the theme of what we could see on the runway.

Big names have already strutted their stuff. Nick Wooster, Alex Badia, David Gandy, the lads from ACF, and so on. We've got a lot to look forward to. But to cut a long story short, 'cause you're not here to listen to my banter, but to check out some of the styling choices of the sharpest lads on the planet. I've compiled my favourites in the gallery. Enjoy!




It could be too simple a statement to say that the fashion week format has been in flux over the past few years. As the big name designers play around with gender fluid collections many have opted to not split their collections into men’s and women’s and saved their full seasonal looks for the bigger women’s weeks.

This has meant that for many men’s fashion weeks in Europe (London especially) there has been a distinct lack of heavy hitters amid the lineups, runways and showcases. Burberry combined its selections in September 2016, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci and Botega Venetta either have or will follow suit. 

When London Collections: Men was retired a couple of years ago to make way for the make more streamlined male focused concept of London Fashion Week Men, we saw in its construction, the BFC (British Fashion Council) take a step closer to combining the cities fashion shows into one BIG mixed affair.

And although this fifth iteration of the men’s is still focused on the designers creating just menswear - it might not be too long before the men’s and women’s fashion weeks are merged.

But perhaps we are jumping ahead of ourselves. As much as the topic of conversation at the opening of the London Fashion Week Men was on the future, the street style scene was very much focused on the summer and the immediate present.

T-shirts, bomber jackets and casual seperates paired with tailored pants were the selection of choice for many. Supermodel David Gandy and David Beckham as well as style icon Nick Wooster has been seen sporting lightweight jackets over the past two days and every cool kid seems to be wearing some form of white sneaker – be it H&M, Guccu, Alexander McQueen or Vans.

And whilst there are the usual peacocks in attendance, hanging around outside the shows waiting to be snapped, the dress code this year is something of a reserved, simplified (and very muted pastel) affair.

Fresh tones and simple cuts layered with a sports jacket seemed to the consensus off the runway. On the runway - well that is a different story. Before you head over to our catwalk coverage, make sure to check out 43 men who caught out eye in London.