Dissecting the Golden Globes

The Theme? Black. Get the Memo?

Words by Billy George

The Golden Globes are a highlight in fashion on the red carpet. Somethings a tad different this year. After compiling a my favourite looks for the night, I read up a little on the theme for the night after noticing the obvious. Well, it doesn't take much to see that it's a sea of black. Got the memo? Actors and Actresses are wearing black in solidarity with the victims of sexual assault and harassment. 

Coming from over 300 actresses and female entertainment, Time's Up was founded against Harvey Weinstein. We all know what happened with that. The latest? Terry Richardson. Many more have been brought to light. The public then came together on social media with #MeToo where everyone shared their stories of assault and harassment. From film to fashion, it's been a long time coming.

Tonight, in terms of fashion and style - it's going to be dull, but holy hell is it going to be enlightening. The red carpet never mattered so much! Social media has been on fire since, from words of encouragement to Oprah right through to having Natalie Portman's back for dragging the all male nominees. For Eval Longoria correcting Carson Daly. Tonight? It's all about coming together. Unity. In an industry that is rife with issues on abuse. Something that has needed to be said for a long while. 

Let's finish with Oprah's message. "The time when nobody ever has to say 'Me too’ again".