It all starts with London! #LFWM

Let's kick off the theme with London for Fashion Month

Words by Billy George
Photos via Acielle, The Impression, Shooting.People, Paul Gonzales, Adam Katz Sinding

It's 2018. And with a new year, comes a new fashion week. That means you London! Personally, London is always a highlight for me as it really sets the trend with where fashion month is overall heading. You get that when you're the first cab off the rank! With all the photographers, instagrammers, bloggers, media, etc. started raining weather in, LFWM outside of the runway is moving into high-fashion street wear for London, something that is rarely seen in the English capital. 

London has always been prim and proper. Think tailored suiting layered up to the brim. Now? Still think that but add in street layers - an Off-White belt, Balenciaga sneakers. There's always something different about fashion week and London has definitely showed this! We're seeing heavy coats bundled with knitwear and boots - hats have also become quite a solid theme! Let's not forget shearling is still going strong! 

The rise of the influencer is definitely shaping street style. A good thing no doubt as mens fashion is definitely increasing in importance. Anyways, I'm not going to get into too much of the detail - you're here to peep the cream of the crop. I've collated some of my favourite photographers together into one photo set. Next up? Florence.