Parisian Men

The Streets of Paris get just that; Street. 

Photos via Julien Boudet, Adam Katz Sinding, The Impression

It's Paris. Fashion month is well underway. And it's f***king cold. The city of love is brimming with the men and women who are wearing their personalities at their sleeves. Flexing with layers inspired by the streets paired with eye-catching accessories, the colour-blocked neutralities blended with staple silhouettes to bring us a new take on fashion. Statement. Oversized. Classy. 

En el primero dia de semana de la Moda, outerwear ruled the grumbling weather - trench coats & parkers, faux-fur & military bombers, camo jackets & puffy coats. It was the start of some sartorial creativity from the lads and lasses, bright tones and dark hues blended to bring you a plethora of strapped accessories, waist packs and pouches as far as the eye could see. The blacks, olives, greys and beiges really mixed well with the essential highlight colours that everyone seemed to get the memo on. What I also loved was the 'form over function' seemed to take a twist as function was absolutely everywhere. Utility straps, buckles, hardware, umbrellas. The accessories became the centrepiece. 

The second day came the flood. Future. Michele Lamy, Bella Hadid, Yasiin Bey, and more hit the ridiculuosly manicured streets in key looks from Craig Green, Supreme x Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein and a hell of a lot more 🔥🔥🔥. And sunglasses, everywhere. I mean, I've never seen so many people wear sunglasses in Winter in my life. I guess it was needed with all that 🔥🔥🔥 around. Yet the day melted into a third with instaworthy looks that accentuated the street stylin' looks. The heavy-weights of fashion made their way through shows and displays through a sea of logos, colours, prints and heritage pieces that seemed to give a bit more of a revitalised feel. Designers and models hit the streets in Vetements, Salomon, Gosha, North Face and more. It was a portfolio of statement looks. 

My favourite piece in the whole of Paris fashion week? The amazing Craig Green x Moncler puffer jacket & pants that have become a huge hit. At first you're a little offended at the boldness of it yet drawn back at the difference that it brings. 

Unfortunately, you miss out on my forth and fifth day of coverage cause it would honestly be me blabbering across two more paragraphs and trust me - no one wants that. Ever. I will say that it was a wide sample, an assortment, a mixed genre. Peep some of my favourite looks in the slideshow above.