Pitti Immagine Uomo #93

The Biggest trends according to Lads of Florence at Men's biggest Trade Show

Words by Billy George
Photos by Adam Katz Sinding, Gianluca Senese, Robert Purwin, Poli Alexeeva

When did London's shows disappear too? This season is going to be a fast round robin that'll hit every major city like a lightning storm of statement coats and chunky sneakers. It's been great to see that the number of lads spent peacocking in ridiculous and flamboyant colours is disappearing into subtle tones and smooth earthy textures. My kind of scene! 

Flocking to Pitti Uomo in Florence, this year's trade show is a variety of features from Gucci's garden party, Brooks Brother's anniversary show, Jun Takahashi of Undercover, and let's not forget, TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist. The hordes piled in! And what a bonanza it was! Attracting some of menswears biggest editors, buyers, designers, influencers and photographers, the streets of Florence, Italy are packed with a variety of different looks. My favourite? The return of western influence. I'm beginning to notice that the western styled hat, loose poncho themed pieces and denim are making a huge resurgence, but with a 70s flair. Paired with plaids, blazers and man bags, the high-end street looks are providing a retro feel that no other city has done yet. It's a mixed bag of fun and sheer dedication from the sartorial savants. 

Now in its 93rd show, Pitti Uomos trade show for Fall Winter 2018 has brought a number of themes with it. Here's my analysis from the ample reading, analysing the thousands of photos and looking at everyones Instagram stories has produced.

  1. Statement Coats are still the in thing! There has not been a photo I haven't seen yet where a gent is not rocking a fabulous garment draped over their should. From puffers to trench coats, the mix of high fashion and street wear is starting to seep into the the sartorial madness that is Pitti Uomo. A big trend I've been noticing is the oversized blazer - think bulky shoulder & loose fit. 
  2. Knits Galore. It was bound to happen and has slowly crept along for the last couple of years but has come into Florence with a bang. The modest knit is now being converted with strong yet subtle graphic prints that give a little pizzaz to an outfit. 
  3. Sneaker Sneaker Sneaker. Emblazoned with a crowd that is usually knee-deep in dress shoes & boots, sneakers are being immigrated from the streets of London in a big way. Chunky sneakers of course; no shocker!
  4. Mad Hatters. I love this! The hats are out in full force, from dad caps to fedoras, newsboys, panama and full on cowboy hats. If you know anything about me, you'd know I'm a lover of any kind of hat, so this is huge for me!

But enough of my rambling. I've collated photos from my favourite photographers into one photoset for you to all peruse at your convenience. Enjoy.